New Eco Unhas remover

The friendly green packaging follows the same pattern as the other nail polish removers produced by Grupo Cruzeiro, but the new Eco Nails nail polish remover adds much more to its formula. The novelty was launched on the market on November 16th and prepared with great zeal, to please consumers who already use and trust the brand's products.

Eco Unhas is the result of a partnership between Grupo Cruzeiro and the Senai Institute of Food and Beverage Technology (Senai – GO) through financial support from the Goiás State Research Support Foundation (Fapeg), Finep and the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications, with resources from the FNDCT, via an innovation notice. The project entitled “green solvent” had a technical team composed of researchers and industry members who sought to identify new ingredients in biodiversity, agribusiness and the market that met the “green” concept to compose a product that would bring efficiency in removing nail polish without impact the environment.

The project was conceived from the concepts of Bioeconomy and Circular Economy in which it would allow the reuse of orange peels, through the extraction of essential oil, rich in secondary metabolites and capable of being used as actives with potential to remove nail polish.

The new product was developed with high technology and meeting the concepts of sustainability, since the product is biodegradable and produced after studies carried out and proven by a laboratory qualified by Anvisa by the Brazilian Network of Analytical Laboratories in Health, that it does not harm the nails and the nature. In addition, the product also has the Eco Sustainable seal, certified by the IBDN, guaranteeing that all ingredients, production process and life cycle of Eco Unhas were carefully selected and developed to reduce impacts on the environment. Grupo Cruzeiro's expectation is to expand the consumer public and meet the demands of the market well.

The new remover is also vegan, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, in addition to orange peel essential oil, which leaves a very pleasant smell. All produced with the same high quality as the traditional Cruzeiro brand.

The packages contain 95 ml of the product, whose ability to remove any type of nail polish is highly effective. Eco Nails has a differentiated sensory aspect, as it is rich in orange essential oil, and in this way, it will promote more hydration for the nails and cuticles and greater spreadability. In this way, less product can be applied to the cotton and it will yield much more.

And the innovations don't stop with this product. New releases with high technology and the characteristic quality of items produced by the industry are expected for this year.

Starting this wednesday, Eco Unhas will be sold in the retail and whole sale market, through Grupo Cruzeiro's sales channels, which are the website and tele sales.

To access the e-commerce, just click here or call the phones: (62) 3246-5615 / (62) 3246-5621 and (62) 3246-5660.




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