What is the ideal acetone?

With 60 years of experience and partnership with manicurists, Cruzeiro has an ideal product line for nail polish removal that meets the real needs of these aesthetic professionals.

In addition to our tradition, we value our partners on the journey, without manicurists to support the brand and provide input on the needs of its customers, we would never be able to further develop our product line.

Find out below the main differentials and benefits of each of our products, classified according to the color of the bottle:

Acetona Cruzeiro

Blue Bottle

The darling of manicures, Acetona Cruzeiro removes easily and quickly, in addition to restoring the natural oiliness of the nail, maintaining nutrition and natural shine.

Our azulzinha is a product with great approval among professional manicurists, it was our first product and with more than 60 years in the market, it has consolidated itself as the number 1 when it comes to removing nail polish in Brazil.

Removedor de Esmaltes

Pink Bottle

Cruzeiro's acetone-free nail polish remover is proof that we listen to those on the front lines. To serve customers who are allergic to acetone, we maintain the quality and tradition of the brand, in a remover enriched with Argan Oil and Vitamin E.

Unhas Alongadas

Red Bottle

To give more strength, hydration and the care that natural elongated nails deserve, we have the perfect product, Nail Polish Remover Elongated Nails.

Rich in D'Panthenol, Melaleuca, Chamomile and Argan, components that will surprise you with the results.

Eco Unhas

Green Bottle

Our newest launch, Eco Nails is a 100% vegan nail polish remover, made with essential oil from orange peel, rosemary and aloe vera.

Provides a unique experience, with effective removal, without drying the nails and keeping natural hydration up to date.

Our products are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and free from animal testing. Try Acetona Cruzeiro's line of nail polish removers now and feel the difference in your nails!

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