Lazulita Project

On May 1st, Cruzeiro started another project for the appreciation and recognition of manicure in Brazil. Lazulita.

Cruzeiro was born in 1963, when Agripino Gomes de Sousa, who had a pharmacy in Goiânia, acquired a laboratory. During this period, the manicurists who were customers of the pharmacy complained about the existing removers and asked Agripino to develop an acetone that removed nail polish more easily, thus Acetona Cruzeiro was born.

In these 60 years, we at Cruzeiro have always listened to our customers and their opinions have always motivated us to grow more and more, these manicures have always been the light that guided Cruzeiro towards this successful brand and reliable products.

Cruzeiro has always absorbed this light and now, more than ever, we want to return this light to all manicures; our blue light, the light of wisdom, intuition and, above all, the artistic expression that this professional offers by taking care of the nails and raising the self-esteem of all those in need.

That's why we lovingly created the Lazulita Project, which in Spanish means blue stone and light, we want the manicure to be this stone that will receive our light to be carved, polished and valued. This light that we will emit will transform the life of the professional, and will reflect on the happiness of her clients, taking manicure to the next level.

Lazulita is a project that will raise the level of manicurists throughout Brazil who wish to practice their profession at a time when manicurists are looking to pay their bills.

This project will provide valuable tips for day-to-day manicures, and will also educate manicures to develop their own business, with notions of administration, financial management, service pricing and much more.

All you need to be a Lazulita is to be attentive to our website and our social networks, the official channels of Cruzeiro, where we will make classes available in addition to notifying you of new classes.

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