Investment in solar energy

Many factors are involved in the consumer's purchase decision. Sustainable forms of production is one of them. Aware of this scenario, combined with the weight of the economy provided, the industry, commerce and services sectors already represent 36% of all solar energy used in Brazil today, according to the Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (ABSOLAR). Grupo Cruzeiro joined this statistic in December 2020 and has been reaping good results.

With a total investment of more than R$ 1 million, 998 solar panels with a power of 334.65 KWp were installed in the Group's industrial park, generating an average of 45,000 KWh of energy per month. In less than a year, close to 76 tons of carbon were no longer emitted into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to growing more than 300 trees. The expectation is that the investment in solar energy will be recovered in less than four years.

The objective is that with the reduction of costs, Grupo Cruzeiro will be able to invest even more in the modernization of the company and its machinery to add more value to its products. Furthermore, producing clean energy is a way of establishing healthy relationships with the community, commercial partners, suppliers and consumers, building their loyalty.


According to data from ABSOLAR and the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), solar energy represents only 1.9% of the electricity matrix in Brazil. A still low number compared to hydropower, the main source of energy used in the country, with 59.3%.

However, studies reveal an estimate that, in 2050, solar energy will surpass water energy and become the main source, when it will reach 32.2% of the electricity generated, while that produced from water will decrease until it reaches 30.2%.

Own generation of solar energy helps save water in the country's hydroelectric reservoirs and reduces the use of fossil thermoelectric plants, which are expensive, polluting and responsible for the terrible red flag. With this, it helps to reduce the electricity bill of all Brazilians. Therefore, it is fundamental to strengthen and encourage the use of this technology in Brazil, mainly by large companies.

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