Which nail shape is right for you?

QWhich nail shape is right for you?

 Many women think that the choice of nail polish is the most important item when doing their nails, but this is not always true! The shape of the nails must be taken into account, as it can directly influence the appearance of the hands and the artwork!

But after all, do you know what the ideal shape for your nails is? Not yet! Let's look at some tips:

round nails

It is a beautiful and delicate shape, often used by those with fragile nails that break easily. Round nails match any nail polish color. More discreet women prefer this format because they don't attract as much attention, in addition to following their personal profile.

Oval nails

People who like to have a slightly longer nail can opt for this format, in addition to providing greater durability when compared to other types. Short, chubby hands benefit from this shape as they give the impression of stretching. They provide a harmonious and delicate look to the hands.

Square nails

Thin, long fingers benefit from this type of shape. To have square nails it is necessary to have strong nails, since they are more prone to breaking and chipping, mainly due to daily activities.

They make the hands more beautiful due to the delicacy of the proportion and the uniform shape. For those who dream of having square nails, it is necessary to let them grow!

Pointed nails

This type of format is not for any woman, as anyone who bets on this type of look wants to be present and bold. Pointed nails leave the fingers thinner and longer, so they provide an elegant and beautiful result.

To be able to make this type of nail it is necessary to have large nails, so that it is possible to model. The great tip is that when making the tip it is not exaggerated. Leave the nail with a rounded, non-pointed tip and a thin tip.

Square nails with rounded edges

For women who prefer square nails, but do not have as much attention in daily activities and friction is inevitable, square nails with rounded edges are ideal.

This type of shape has a great advantage over square nails: they take a long time to break and therefore last longer. Slender, long fingers benefit from this shape as it provides greater balance and uniformity.

Agora que você conhece cada formato, que tal colocar em prática as dicas e deixar as suas unhas com as formas perfeitas e ideais? Mãos à obra! Não se esqueça de quando for esmaltar, usar Acetona Cruzeiro hein?!

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