Acetona Cruzeiro 500mL (Nail Polish Remover Based on Acetone)


Choose the color, design, texture or shape you want. Leave the job of taking care of the nails with Acetona Cruzeiro.


Nail Polish Remover Solution based on Acetone with Chamomile and Vitamin E.

The vitamin E is a liposoluble antioxidant with emoliente action that act by restoring the natural nails oiliness, avoding the loss of water, which guarantees hydration, nutrition and shine.

Due to the antioxidant activity, vitamin E forms a powerful barrier in the nails against the damages of the UV rays thus avoiding changes in the coloring of the nails

The Chamomile avoids the development of fungus.


With Acetona Cruzeiro the color is just a detail.


Packing of  95 ml or 500 ml.

Nail Polish Remover Acetona Cruzeiro.

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  • Linha Manicure

Acetona Cruzeiro 500mL (Nail Polish Remover Based on Acetone)

  • R$ 31.49

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