The Company 

Cruzeiro Industrial Química Gomes Ltda

The Grupo Cruzeiro is a company made with the objective to manufacture and sell chemical products for industrial use. The company began the activities in 1967, with the strategic mission to  keep a good history of the most trustworthy and competitive supplier in the national market. The history of the company has started in the small neighbourhood of Campinas (Goiania, Brazil), in small space for the production, but with a big force to continue,make everything right, and attend the costumer's need with quality.

The growth of the company was made to direct the focus to attent the regional companies and get in to the new markets. From There, the company made a extension plan that demanded more space for the structure, and the company acquired a bigger place on a neighbourhood called Setor Coimbra (Goiania, Brazil), and started to answer the wholesale market, in 1970. In november of 1973 the company suffered a big fire, that destroyed almost everything. Even so, the partners leaded by Mr. Agripino Gomes de Sousa did not give in eh face of the problems, they made a new company with more force, and they moved to another place neighbourhood, Jardim da Luz, also in Goiania. In the old local there was nothing beside twisted iron and strength to continue. At that time it was transformed into S / A (Sociedad Anônima). In 1975, with the boldness of the partner Agripino Gomes de Sousa, a financing was made in the BNDS (Brazilian National Bank of Economic and Social Developement) that fact surprised the other partners who did not believe in the future of the company.

With a successful management, today it is already the thriving Cruzeiro Group, made up of eight companies that serve the entire Midwest and Northern Brazil. Today it has an area of over 6000 m² and a constructed area of over 2000 m². In the company trajectory, the Group has faced several economic plans of government, managing to overcome what it is today thanks to the dedication of all who worked on it. Today the story is even better. Installed in Primary Route 2, qd. 14, lt 01, DAIAG, Aparecida de Goiânia-GO, has a large number of large customers, of different types such as steelmakers, mining companies, extractors, etc. The company has an own laboratory for quality analyses and control, taking the name of Goiás to several states of the country, and wants to conquer even more.


To hold costumers and consumers by offering innovative, high performance and effective cosmetics backed by tradition and brand trust and environmental responsabilty.


To expand cosmetics national and international market and be national reference in quality, high performance and innovation, making a segment leadership until 2022.


Beautification of life, transparency in business, costumer satisfaction, care for the planet, continuous innovation