About us

Cruzeiro Industrial Química Gomes Ltda. - Grupo Cruzeiro was formed with the aim of manufacturing and selling chemical products for industrial use, where it began its activities in 1963 and has as its strategic mission to conquer and maintain the reputation of the most competitive and reliable supplier in the market in which it operates.

The success story of this company began with its production in the neighborhood of Campinas, in the capital Goiânia, in a place that was not very appropriate, small for its production, but with an infinite desire to do it right and meet all the needs of its customers with quality. Growth was due to directing its focus on serving companies in the region and entering new markets. From then on, the company implemented an expansion plan that demanded more space from its facilities. It was there that he acquired a piece of land in Setor Coimbra, in Goiânia and started to also cater to the wholesale trade, in the 1970s.

In November 1973, the company suffered a major fire that even destroyed the shed where it operated. Even so, the partners led by Mr. Agripino Gomes de Sousa did not give up. With the ashes of the accident, they built a new company. With more determination and commitment, they proceeded with the transfer of just the name to the Jardim da Luz neighborhood, in Aparecida de Goiânia, as there was nothing left but twisted ironwork after the fire.

At that time the industry was transformed into a joint-stock company (S/A). In 1975, with the boldness of the partner Agripino Gomes de Sousa, financing was granted by the BNDES, which surprised the other partners who did not believe in the project. With a very successful administration, the development and growth was certain and today it is the thriving Grupo Cruzeiro, composed of eight companies that serve the entire Midwest and North of Brazil.

The industry is installed in an area of over 6,000 m² and with a built area of over 2,000 m². Along its path, it faced several government economic plans and managed to overcome it, thanks to the dedication of everyone who worked there. Today the story is even better. Located at Via Primaria 2, block 14, lot 01, in the Agroindustrial District of Aparecida de Goiânia (DAIAG), it has a large number of large customers, such as steel mills, mining companies, extractors, etc. The company has its own laboratory for analysis and quality control and takes the name of Goiás to several States in the Country.